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Punching press -hydraulical-

Stock No. 7-39357
Manufacturer SCHULER SMG
Model TH 1200-2.5 x1.6
Controls PLC
Year built 2004

Press Design

frame design frame 
openings in uprights yes 
moving bolster yes 

Press forces

total force (nominal) 1200 to

Press Table

table length 3200 mm
Table width 2000 mm
table plate length 2500 mm
table plate width 1600 mm


Ram length 3200 mm
Ram width 2000 mm
ram plate length 2500 mm
ram plate width 1600 mm
stroke 600 mm

ram (hydr. press)

number of main-cylinders 2 
approximation velocity max. 600 mm/s
working velocity min. 24 mm/s
working velocity max. 47 mm/s
return velocity max. 600 mm/s

ram ejectors

ejectors in ram yes 
stroke 150 mm
force 12 to


feeder: type roll feeder 

Electrical specifications

total power consumption 550 kW
mains voltage 400 V
mains frequency 50 Hz

Dimensions / weights

total weight approx. 201000 kg

Attachments for Presses

cutting impact damping system yes 
autom. tool clamping device yes 
hydraulic overload protection yes 


design single coil 
sheet width max 1050 mm
sheet width (min) 150 mm
max. weight of coil 22 to
max. diameter of coil 2000 mm
min. internal diameter of coil 570 mm

leveler unit

sheet width max 1050 mm
sheet width (min) 150 mm
sheet thickness max 8 mm
sheet thickness (min) 2.5 mm
number of leveler rolls 8 
diameter of leveler rolls 96 mm
distance between leveler rolls 104 mm
diameter of feed rolls 160 mm
feed velocity min. 2 m/min
feed velocity max. 43.5 m/min

Technical description

VIDEO under: Hydraulic punching press for thick metal sheet up to 8 mm consisting of: decoiler, straightener, feeder, shear and a 1200 ton p ress. Ist table plates ( 2 x ) can be interchanged via a tool change cart. This press is fitted with 4 blanking stroke dampers. - Schuler TH 1200-2.5 x 1.6 1,200 ton hydraulic blanking press - Laweco coil loader - HSK-280-1050 de-coiler - SHF 8-96/160-1050 sheet metal straightener - ADCH-1050-8 transverse cutting unit - Outfeed conveyor system - Storatec tool changer - Eco fire protection system for control cabinets