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Press -hydraulical-

Stock No. 7-46523
Manufacturer FAGOR
Model H4-2500-5000-3000
Controls PLC SIEMENS Simatic TouchControl
Year built 2018
Condition 9 (on a scale of 1 to 10)

Press Design

frame design H-frame 
openings in uprights yes 
moving bolster yes 

Press forces

total force (nominal) 2500 to

Press Table

clamping surface (left-right) 5000 mm
clamping surface (front-back) 3000 mm
Table height over floor 820 mm


clamping surface (left-right) 5000 mm
clamping surface (front-back) 3000 mm
stroke 1800 mm

ram (hydr. press)

number of main-cylinders 4 
approximation velocity max. 490 mm/s
working velocity max. 17 mm/s
working velocity max. 27 mm/s
return velocity max. 250 mm/s

Cushion in ram

force of cushion 350 to
stroke 200 mm
clamping surface (left-right) 4300 mm
clamping surface (front-back) 2500 mm
working principle hydraulical 
regulated yes 

Die Cushion (table cushion)

force of cushion 600 to
stroke 400 mm
clamping surface (left-right) 4320 mm
clamping surface (front-back) 2700 mm
working principle hydraulical 
regulated yes 

Tool Assembly Dimensions

distance between columns (H-frame) 5050 mm

Tool Assembly Dimensions

distance table - ram max. 2700 mm

Electrical specifications

total power consumption 565 kW
mains voltage 400 V
mains frequency 50 Hz

Dimensions / weights

height above floor level 10750 mm
total weight approx. 500000 kg

Attachments for Presses

light barrier yes 
hydraulic overload protection yes 

Technical description

- Hydraulic press equipped with: - front moving bolster, - draw cushion in the table - cushion inside the ram, - 16 hydraulic tool clamping units, - two hydraulic cylinders for " out of center pressure " compensation - Siemens HMI touch control, - ideal for tryout of tools. - max. rapid speed of ram 490 mm/sec - ram and table deflection accuracy 0,125 mm/m.

Description of condition

This FAGOR machine was manufactured in 2018 and commissioned in 2019 and was only used sporadically after that. The condition can be described as new. A visit to the machine in the factory is possible with a certain amount of lead time due to the pandemic. VIDEO from the pressure test, April 2021: https://