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Stock No. 7-41076
Manufacturer KUKA
Model KR 240-2 ed05
Controls Roboter controls KUKA KRC 2 edit 2005

Working range -robot-

capacity 240 kg
Reach 2700 mm
Safe robot no 
Number of controlled axes 6 

Control cabinet

Bus Profinet 

Dimensions / weights

total weight approx. 1267 kg

Technical description

6-axis industrial robot. Payload of 240 kgs according to type designation. Electrical cabinet, operating panel and cables included. Other handling robots and welding robots in quantities available, such as # KUKA KR 150 # KUKA KR 200 # KUKA KR 210 # KUKA KR 240 # KUKA KR 360 # KUKA KR 500 The KUKA KR 240 features a large load-bearing capacity, enabling it to carry heavy tooling and parts quickly with smooth motions. The KR 240 KR C2 robot is ideal for cost-effective manufacturing concepts. The long 2700 mm reach of the KR 240 KR C2 arm provides it with enough versatility to handle complex tasks. The series 2000 KUKA arms can be easily upgraded, allowing for longer use and more reliability. Robot Information & Robot Specifications Axes: 6 Payload: 240.00kg H-Reach: 2700.00mm Repeatability: ±0.1200mm Robot Mass: 1267.00kg Structure: Articulated Mounting: Floor