Topical machines


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Press / sheet metal working

You will find presses here for diverse applications such as stamping, forming, deep-drawing and punching as well as other machines for sheet-metal processing (including belt winders and levelling machines). Our punching machines, transfer presses, PC board cutting systems and other production systems for the automotive industry are either available to you in our warehouse or can be procured for you following your individual query.


Rotationally symmetric workpieces such as cylindrical, conical or spherical surfaces can easily be produced by the metal cutting manufacturing process turning and one of our lathes suited to your requirements.
The tool bit is a cutting tool firmly clamped to the slide which continuously removes the material. The slide moves both lengthwise and crosswise with respect to the rotational axis of the workpiece along the surface to be machined.

Milling machine

We can provide you with the most diverse types of milling machines, which differ in terms of design, intended usage, position of the milling spindle and the type of control system, and which can be selected depending on your requirements.
The rotating cutting tools of the milling machine remove the material from the workpiece by machining. The three optional feed directions allocated to the tool or workpiece carrier make it possible to produce complex spacious objects such as engine blocks or gear wheels.

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